Monday, November 8, 2010

Internet City Welcomes the Gnartoons Blog District

*white text denotes nonsense
*purplish text denotes truth

There's a brand new blog in Internet City
and it's this one, you're here on the new blog, you must know a thing or two about new spots to hang out on the internet. Maybe we can go get some internet coffee later?... Now I'll be able to continue to upload new comics while traveling without my computer, should I ever go on another "2-week" trip that lasts 51 days again (I hope that happens again). Not only that, but now you can actually subscribe to an RSS feed and be all high-tech in true Gnartoons fashion. And we all know how technologically logical the fashions of gnartoons are. All sorts of new colors and ramblings coming this way more often than you're probably prepared for, so get yourself ready for it, however it is that you do that for yourself. Like if you were in a tent and you heard a bear and you were preparing yourself mentally to fight off the bear in the name of your small and precious dogs that you foolishly brought with you on your mountain camping excursion (the bear was tracking you the whole time!). Well, my metaphorical bear comics are coming for you and your dogs, so do some yoga poses or whatever you need to do to calm yourself down in the meantime. My cartoons will eat your little dogs, that part wasn't a metaphor.

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