Monday, November 22, 2010

I Wish I Had A Slice of Pizza Right Now

Well folks, things are really heating up in Gnartoons Studios (the radiator just kicked on in my studio apartment), I've been getting lotsa lotsa comics drawn up lately. If you've been reading this blahg for a little while then you probably know that I've recently made the plunge into being a full-time illustrator / comic artist. I used to be able to draw up new comics and throw them online as soon as I was done with them because I had very few paying publishers using my work, nowadays I'm trying to get my silly little drawings published elsewhere before they go up online here. So, that being said, there will probably be a little bit of a lag as I try to get this Gnartoons machine up and running. In the mean time I'll be posting a lot of pages from my sketchbooks on here and probably a few of my old favorite comics that may have been forgotten by now. Incase this news stings your gnar glands a little bit, I did draw a comic just for you guys and colored it in this morning, because I care.

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