Monday, February 28, 2011

If I Were A Department Store I Would Certainly Have a Doodle Department

But you already knew that. And since you jumped to that conclusion so effortlessly, it probably wouldn't be a far reach to assume that if I owned a large corporation that manufactured those little rubber valves that go on inflatable alligators and said corporation was so large that it consisted of many branches of offices and factories, unbeknownst to the majority of the workforce, the corporation would have a Doodle Department in it's very own top-secret office-park. My Doodlers would be my highest paid-employees. I would generously treat these fine doodlers to lunches and ball-pit time on a much more regular basis than the masses of gator valve jockeys. And, if I were in a position to reorganize any nation's government there would most certainly be a House of Doodles, it may actually be the only branch of government. Lucky for you (unless you happen to be doodlesomely inclined) I am unmarketable in the political arena, that's why I'm raising a manchurian candidate who secretly lives by the crayon (seen here estimating what the pile height of a day's worth of "keeper" doodles from the House of Doodles might look like).

Friday, February 25, 2011


This is a more recent, but still old, comic that was inspired by the last comic I posted. A comic inspired by a comic that I drew myself?!? Oh how the serpent eats its own tail!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey Harold!

An old comic for your brand new week! The same story is mostly true of this comic as was told of the valentines-day-match-factory comic. The only difference is that this particular page was also printed in The First Book of Gnar in addition to the two other publications that I mentioned in the Valentines Day post (printed all over town, dirty, dirty comic). I've always liked this one, probably why I've pimped it so smooth through all these years.

Friday, February 18, 2011

People's Park Palm

I drew/painted this tree for my friend last Wednesday, but then I thought maybe you might like to look at it too? Have a lovely weekend out there in the world everybody! It's quite a world, don't ever forget it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I was raised by humans in Grand Rapids, MI. I've since found habitat that better suits my specified needs in the Pacific Northwest/Northern California but I do travel back to the mitten state every so often to breathe with my blood relatives. Now that I don't have "a real job", my most-recent visit was a lengthy one - a full 3+ weeks in the northern tundra. Now I like the snow, the cold weather, and even my immediate/extended relatives but three weeks is a long time to hold siege in your parents' basement (also a long time to convince your friend Brad that he should forgo driving back to his country home after work to let his dogs out, so that he may instead stay in the city and drink with you, sorry dogs)... So to break up the monotony of being sober and awake, I spent some time searching out coffee shops with window seats opposing perdy houses/buildings, just as I do in nearly every city I end up wandering through. Well look at what I found directly across the street from the Wealthy Street Bakery in good ol' Grapids! I normally wouldn't give a plug to a place that I only visited once, but while I was camped out there (3 and a half hours easy) they actually installed brighter lights in the ceiling above my table, over my left shoulder, which gave much better light. I don't expect that sort of thing to ever happen to me again...

Version #0
- This is the original drawing that I did while drinking waaaaaay too much coffee and following are a series of "rendering-remixes" (coining that). If there is anybody out there who is actually still reading this, I would appreciate some feedback as to which your favorite or least-favorite renditions are in the comments below.

Version #1
- Originally, this was to be the only one

Version #2
- This one ran away with itself?

Version #3
- I don't even really like mustard

Version #4
- Hrmphfsk

Version #5
- This is my favorite one right now

Version #6
- This is one of the most visually-intense things that I'll ask you to look at this calendar year, promise-ish

Version #7
- In the end, this one will be my favorite - whatever that means...

The bedroom that I grew up in overlooked Wealthy Street, so it was fun to walk down the icy sidewalk and draw a neighbor's house while enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a frigid day. Seriously though, which one is your favorite?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meanwhile, at the Match Factory...

Another day of absolutely perfect matches...

It's an old one, so sue me. It was printed in the Oregon Voice once upon a time. A really crappy xerox copy of it also appeared in a zine that Ila Kreigh (of Bad Mitten Orchestre fame) put together while I was living in Eugene.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clap Your Hands Three Times if You Like Saturated Colors

To those of you who actually clapped (and I'm sure you're out there, I know my people), you are the reason that I decided to post another comic strip this week. That and I do tend to be quite generous with the weird, and let's be honest, there's plenty to go around.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gnartoons To Go!

Are you ever in such a hurry to leave the house in the morning that you don't even have time to spend a full 55 minutes reviewing my weekly cartoon? I'm sure it happens basically all the time, but fret not! For a wonderful new product on the market, Stripr is here to save you... I wonder why they didn't just call it stripper? Huh, anyway... Well, actually if you're like me and you don't have one of those fancy pants sorts of phones then this probably will not effect you. BUT, if you have an iphone or an ipod touch or some other smartphone, you can now get gnartoons sent directly to your mobile device through this ap, which has just started pushing my junk today! So, for that reason I'm posting an old comic strip today. I hope you enjoy my striptease.

If you navigate the browser of your mobile device to, you should be able to get things rolling.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look Out I'm Gonna Puke!

Another week, another Free Fridayz drawing contest on This week's theme is "Catch Air". You can sign into anything that identifies you (twitter, facebook, etc.) and vote here, but shouldn't you really be outside enjoying your Saturday?!

Be well everyone!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fresh Fish!

It's a week of commissions folks! If you pay me a few dollars, you too could have a logo such as this drawn up for yourself or business. And when it comes down to it, do you really even need to have a business in order to have a logo? Maybe you just want a logo for your person? You know, an image of some dinosaurs with your phone number on it so that you can sell yourself in the social marketplace? Order yourself some personalized art: JamesTheStanton (at) yahoo (dot) com and buy some sporting goods from Boone Mountain Sports, because they paid for the food that I'll eat this week!