Monday, February 28, 2011

If I Were A Department Store I Would Certainly Have a Doodle Department

But you already knew that. And since you jumped to that conclusion so effortlessly, it probably wouldn't be a far reach to assume that if I owned a large corporation that manufactured those little rubber valves that go on inflatable alligators and said corporation was so large that it consisted of many branches of offices and factories, unbeknownst to the majority of the workforce, the corporation would have a Doodle Department in it's very own top-secret office-park. My Doodlers would be my highest paid-employees. I would generously treat these fine doodlers to lunches and ball-pit time on a much more regular basis than the masses of gator valve jockeys. And, if I were in a position to reorganize any nation's government there would most certainly be a House of Doodles, it may actually be the only branch of government. Lucky for you (unless you happen to be doodlesomely inclined) I am unmarketable in the political arena, that's why I'm raising a manchurian candidate who secretly lives by the crayon (seen here estimating what the pile height of a day's worth of "keeper" doodles from the House of Doodles might look like).

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  1. haha... you make me laugh... I love the imagination ramblings, it reminds me a tad wee bit of meself methinks. Quite satisfactory doodling also. :)