Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Business as Usual

In 2008 I drew a series of zines/mini-comics about a band of Rastafarian Dinosaurs called "The Herbivores". Yes, it exists. I never finished the series, I got 4 issues in and just sort of lost interest - as is to be expected in any instance where someone is writing/drawing a comic book series about pot-smoking dinosaurs. I still have plentiful copies of issues #1 and #2 if anybody's interested. Here are the first 5 pages of the first issue, which were published on glossy paper by The Fanatic Press in Slambang Vol. III Issue #4 before I ran the Gnartoons book series.


  1. Yeah, what ever happened with that crazy Ninja in a cave or something? You really let me down on this one James, I nearly forgot that you left me hanging all those years ago, and now Im right back where I was...

  2. I think I sort of assumed that the fan base held the same attention span as the artist. I'm actually surprised you remember such vivd details.

    But, I'm doing a lot of experimenting with vinyl-cut printing and am putting together a couple different comic/art zines right now that should be printed real soon... So, there SEAN. Haha, hope it's all good for you up there on the farm, happy Spring!