Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Caffe Med

I got up at 6:30 AM this morning, which is more often my bedtime than my time to shine - but I'm making an effort not to be nocturnal anymore and today is day #1. Not remembering how to begin a day at this hour, I wandered up to Telegraph Ave to have a cup of coffee and observe how other humans begin their days. I sat down at my favorite table in Caffe Mediterraneum to begin drawing the first comic page of the day. What serendipitous encounter found me today? A chance meeting with yet another close friend of R. Crumb's - from his legendary reign in San Francisco/Berkeley in the late 60's. After a few quick anecdotes about "Bob's" antisocial behavior while living in the city, I started firing off questions prompting my new friend to take a seat with me and begin to fill my head with fantastical Crumb family history from those early years. I asked a lot of questions, not holding back at all from gushing my love for the man's body of work - I've been tending toward painfully direct in my social encounters (apparently even in my blahging, aren't I supposed to be ranting about trapezoids right now?). After hearing all about my hero's antics and his life as a shut-off hermit, I'm feeling a lot better about my recent lapse back into quiet solitude within a raucous, writhing population.

I apologize if you're not familiar with Crumb's work, but if you don't know who R. Crumb is I honestly have no idea how you got here in the first place. For real, google's right there - educate y'self.

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