Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twice the Fat, Half the Vitamins

It's been about a year since this extra-long comic (by this blog's standards) originally came into print. But since so many of you probably didn't pick up a copy of The Fanatic Press' explosive comic anthology, "Slambang: Issue #5, Vol. III", I thought it would be only fair that I tape it up on the wall of the internet for all to enjoy. This particular issue of Slambang also includes an interview with yours truly, which touches on many important topics such as: proper placement of plastic dinosaurs within the domestic setting and the proper placement of orange pez and homebrew within my digestive tract. As if that weren't enough, I drew the front and back covers and I made sure that each is as intricate and colorful as a daffodil's delicate soul. So basically, you should have bought a copy a long time ago... and you probably still can! But why would you want to? You've already got the goods right here for free!

From The Fast Food Issue of Slambang:


  1. Take vitamins to fill in your nutritional gaps. Thanks a lot for sharing that valuable information.

  2. Yes, and take trapezoids to fill in trapezoid-shaped gaps (as recommended on the trapezoid packaging).