Monday, January 31, 2011

Ndevu Nrefu

My friend Conrad is the mysterious mammal behind the music of Ndevu Nrefu, and such a nice young lad is he that he recorded a song in my honor! Now, the song is titled "Dirty James", which may imply that I have less than average hygiene, but I still like the attention. That being said, I have been listening to a lot of Old Dirty Bastard lately, and I am after all: "the Osiris of this $#it, mother%@#%ers"... When I received the song from Conrad I put a bunch of his music on my mp3 thangy and listened to it while I drew him a picture and nursed a cup of coffee at Cafe Mediterraneum in Berkeley (they spell cafe with two f's but I refuse because it looks stuppidd). This art may look like the cover to a J.R.R. Tolkien themed indie-electro pop album, but Ndevu Nrefu's originality escapes even my oddest of invented sub-genres. Download the album for free right here and hear for yourself.

If you've got a band, brand, shop, business, winery, brewery, or cereal factory in need of cartoon spokes-animals / logos / etc., let me draw that stuff for you! Get in touch with me here: JamesTheStanton (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dirty James by Conrad Marshall

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