Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Milk & Carrots, Issue #2

I'm stoked to be a part of this meaty comic anthology, Milk & Carrots, Issue #2! The book is 40-pages, b/w, 5.3" x 8", and it looks really nice. I have a brand new six-pager in there that you folks have never seen before, so buy it from me over here through paypal!

The book was curated by Brian Herrick (of Ebb and Flood) who describes it here:
This comic anthology featuring the work of Malachi Ward, Matt Sheean, Jen Oaks, James the Stanton, Josh Birdsall, Bussan 33, Melissa Geppert, Christopher Gray and myself is in print and fantastic (in my humble opinion.) Malachi Ward made the brilliant cover, featuring characters from each story. Josh Birdsall made the awesome back cover. It’s 40 pages long and full of good stuff. There is truly something for everyone. This is the kind of book I look for when I’m in search of an indie comic with lots of meat to it. It’s debuting at Stumptown today! Malachi Ward and James the Stanton will have copies at their table. If you can’t make it there, contact the artists or pick it up for the Store on this website.
- Brian Herrick

If you happen to live in Portland, OR you can pick up a copy at Powell's Books (located at 1005 W Burnside) or Floating World Comics located (at 400 Northwest Couch Street).

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