Monday, January 23, 2012

Agthbar: Episode #46

There's going to be a little format shift around here, which for you basically means just a little less Agthbar. The 'three new Agthbar comics each week format' has produced a bulk of episodes for you to dig through and has done well at explaining Agthbar's strange world in a short amount of time. But in order to keep the strip sustainable in my strange world, I need to back it down to only two new episodes each week, which may actually still be too much Agthbar for a lot of people, haha.

And to further confuse things, there will only be one Agthbar update this week and it is today. Beginning next week you can look forward to two updates every week.

So, enjoy your Agthbar today, because it will have to last you until next Monday. Toon rationing has finally hit America, tighten your belts gnarpeoples.

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