Saturday, November 12, 2011

East Bay Zinefest at 924 Gilman

The RPS Collective out of Oakland is putting on the East Bay Zine Festival at the legendary punk club 924 Gilman!

You'll find me at the Gnartoons table.

East Bay Zine Fest
Sunday, November 27th
924 Gilman, Berkeley, CA
Festivities begin at High Noon

This is event is on a sliding scale of dollars, and the event is just for you and your friends.

Punk Rock and Comic Books, you have 2-weeks to prepare, put some patches on those dungarees and come thumb through unknown miracles of the small press sector with me, friends (when I said that this event is for you and your friends, I was really just trying to weasel my way into your group of friends).

PS - This is not to be confused with the other East Bay Book Faire that's happening in Downtown Berkeley on December 10th, where I will also be tabling - more details on that when you need 'em.

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