Monday, May 23, 2011

The Royal Squid Press

Hear Thee, Hear Thee!

The Royal Squid Press, the newly formed printing branch of Gnartoons, is officially off the ground! I have completely converted my studio apartment into a DIY (ahem, excuse me, I mean *professional*) printing press. I've been busy carving linoleum/wood/rubber by hand in order to print book covers uniquely and authentically. After being pressed, the cover of each book is signed and numbered and then hangs to dry from a tangled web of strings that stretches from wall to wall across my apartment. The result of using strings that stretch across my ceiling rather than using a drying rack is a floating canopy of fluorescent comic-cover-clouds that hang above my bed and drawing table, which I aesthetically enjoy with great immensity.

The first release from Royal Squid Press will be available for purchase in June at independent book shops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and online at Further information will be posted right here on this very blog and also on the Gnartoons facebook page.

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