Monday, December 20, 2010

Elf Liberation Front

The Holidays are here people, and yes, that's why retailers have been feeding off of your self-guilt in order to sell you poorly manufactured products for friends and family who don't need more stuff and would probably never buy the crap for themselves anyway. Very few of us will come out of the next few weeks without a bunch of stuff that we don't want. And at what cost? Hmmmmmm? Do you know who makes all of this plastic junk? Why it's all made by polar-elves of course! And if you are unaware of the seasonal threat of polar-elf abuse, you owe it to yourself and the elves to do some research and become educated. For example, I recently learned that "Jolly" is derived from the ancient Elfish word "Jawly", which translates roughly to "Big red evil man with sharp teeth and whips, he who speaks hohoho".

I drew this page up for's Free Fridayz drawing contest, it should be up on their website at the end of the week. You can sign into your facebook or twitter to vote for me in the comments if you feel I deserve the win, but I would honestly prefer that you spend that time doing something for the elves (write a letter to your senator about sponsoring the Elf Liberation Front or put together a care package of nettles and pinecones, etc).

Happy Holidays

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